A Natural Approach to

Quickly & Easily Reduce
Stress & Anxiety

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed and full of anxiety?

Working with me is a safe place where there is no judgement. 

We will work together to understand what is causing your anxious thoughts and feeling of stress in your life.

Whether you are a mom-to-be, new mom, mom of teens, or empty nest mom, we can work through using this simple process for any stage of life.

Time to Stop feeling overwhelmed

What is EFT?

A healing tool that is simple and easy to use, anytime and anywhere. This technique can help with physical pain, emotional anxiety, and healing from difficult memories in our lives. 

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Helps to relieve stress and anxiety which can take a toll on our bodies. Stress and anxiety can create an imbalance in our body that may cause illnesses and disease. Our emotional health can deeply effect our physical health, and tapping can help to restore that.


When we can release stress and anxiety, we are able to clear our mind and relax. Being relaxed and releasing stress allows us to enjoy ourselves and those around us. It helps to change our focus onto what is meaningful to us, even when we are in difficult situations.


Tapping can increase our body’s energy. When tapping on meridian points, our energy hot spots, we can renew a balance in our bodies and its energy. It is in this restoration of energy in our bodies that we are able to improve symptoms both emotionally and physically. Tapping can restore and balance our energy.

What People are Saying

"My first meeting with Angela turned out to be more informative to me than I could have imagined. As I answered questions, new thoughts came up in our conversation. The tapping actually helped me feel more relaxed with my thoughts and provided some clarity. Angela is very patient person and was able to come up with some great phrases, based on the information I gave her, to use during the EFT process."
Amy P.
Mom of 3
"I didn't know what to expect with a tapping appointment with Angela. So, I was thrilled to discover that it is way more than just another method for coaching, it was a powerful self-discovery tool for my internal healing! Angela's gentle voice and authentic care for my experience helped me immediately feel comfortable and safe. She followed her intuition about my story and feelings, helping us to really make progress together. I'm looking forward to my next appointment with her, as I am feeling more hopeful about my healing than I have in a long time!”
Bess B.
Mom of 4
"I tapped with Angela about an issue I have been having with my father for at least 10 years. Our relationship had become very strained and I hadn’t spoken to him in over 4 months. I would get so anxious just thinking about calling him, so I didn’t call him. I tapped with Angela about my anxious feelings. It didn’t take long at all, I couldn’t believe it! Since our session, I have spoken with my father twice and have felt calm, collected, and at ease. I have no anxiety whatsoever and my father seems to be more open and receptive. Thank you Angela!"
Alison C.

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