Why Does My Baby’s Crying Give Me Anxiety?


If you are a new parent or it’s been awhile since you have heard crying, it’s understandable that a baby’s crying can be rattling. But you may be wondering, “why does my baby’s crying give me anxiety?” Babies cry for many reasons trying to communicate what they need. It takes time to get familiar with … Read more

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How Can I Be Restored From The Heartbreak of Miscarriage?

miscarriage loss and grief

Being Emotionally Drained From the Loss of Miscarriage There is no easy fix for the feeling of loss of a loved one. That includes the loss of a child that one has never met. We may have never met this little one face to face, or maybe you have, but the pain in a mother’s … Read more

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How To Let Go of The Past and Feel at Peace Using EFT

let go of the past and forgive yourself Aren’t those some of the hardest things to do? Let go of pain from the past or to forgive ourselves? Replaying these situations over and over in our mind is a form of meditation. But not a good form of meditation! Learning how to let go of … Read more

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Improve Your Mood Quickly by Tapping for Overwhelm

overwhelmed mom

Use EFT to Overcome the Feeling of Overwhelm That feeling of overwhelm. My body heats up and my head feels like it is spinning. I have a feeling of needing to rush, or come up with a quick solution. I can confidently say that if I am trying to come up with a quick solution … Read more

What is Surrogate Tapping and How Can it Help?

daughter mom grandma

Surrogate tapping is a system of using EFT, the emotional freedom technique, on my own points to help someone else’s issues. Just like prayer for someone’s well-being and issues, we can use tapping to benefit ourselves, as well as for someone else. Isn’t that amazing! Tapping for someone sends the energy that is needed for … Read more

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How Do I Stop Feeling Like A Bad Mom?

mom and teen

Many of us worry we aren’t a good mom a million times through the years. I have been a mom for over 22 years. Every stage of a child’s life has it’s blessings and it’s challenges. How we choose to deal with the challenges can make a big difference in the outcome and our emotional … Read more

How to Release Stress & Anxiety with EFT

Situations come up when stress and anxiety can stop us in our tracks, or at least slow us down. There is a simple way to release stress and anxiety with eft. Stress and anxiety can happen: In an instant After focusing, “negative meditating”, on it over a period of time. Either way, it isn’t helpful … Read more

Using The Subjective Units of Distress Scale (SUDS) with EFT

You are excited to start learning more about EFT and tapping! Yay! One way to gauge your progress as you tap through your issues, stress and concerns, is by measuring how you feel. HOW TO MEASURE You can measure how you are feeling by using the Subjective Units of Distress Scale, or otherwise known as the SUDS Scale. This scale was … Read more

What is tapping and EFT?

EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, is also known as ‘tapping’. It’s like psychological acupressure, or acupressure meets modern psychology, a very unique method, that has the potential to help with many emotional and physical issues. It is believed that emotions, stress, and trauma are stuck energies in our bodies. Tapping on specific points on our body, meridian points, can … Read more