How Can Christians Benefit by Using EFT and Why Do It?

Are you unfamiliar with EFT? Want to learn more about EFT, the emotional freedom techniques? Read about the basics here.

Should I be Using EFT as a Christian?

When I feel thankful, struggling, confused, and other emotions, my instinct is to go to prayer. I trust God and His guidance. He is my everything.

When I am sick, I may go to the doctor. When I need more emotional support or talk things over, I will call a friend. When I need a hug because I am sad, I reach out to a family member.

These are all solutions for comfort that we seek, and can also heal from. The gift of love and support from others is powerful. So are alternative tools, like EFT, the emotional freedom technique.

EFT, also called tapping, is a fusion of modern psychology and ancient acupressure. Tapping on the acupressure points delivers a signal to our brains that is calming and peaceful. Releasing the stress using EFT gives us the ability to feel calm, gain confidence, and receive clarity on issues you may be struggling with. AMAZING!

I questioned this process and asked myself how this could effect my faith when I started learning about tapping.

I dug even deeper once I decided I was interested in becoming a practitioner, wanting to help others. I took it very seriously, knowing that I needed to discern if this conflicted with my beliefs and scripture.

Not only did I ask questions, but I did lots of praying.

I realized through this process, a few thoughts came up for me:

  1. Does this go against my faith?
  2. What will others think about what I am doing?
  3. Will my church friends judge me?

These thoughts led me to God even more. I know that in the end, He is the only one I need to consult with to determine if this modality aligns with my faith.

The last thing I wanted to do was to use a technique that would pull me away from my faith.

Tapping Into God

I am looking at this as an additional tool that will actually strengthen me. Not only strengthen my faith, but my belief in miracles. God created our bodies to be self-healing and I continue to be in awe of how amazing our minds and bodies are, made in his image.

I know that by aligning with God and his word, using this simple process, just like getting a massage that is healing, or counseling that can give clarity, tapping can do both too!

I also take my questions straight to God!

Who better to confide in is God, asking for His guidance and wisdom. I have seen incredible shifts and miracles happen while using EFT, and I am one who believes that the miracles of the bible are still available to us today! We just need to believe it is possible.

Additional Confirmation

Along with prayer and through God’s guidance, I decided to reach out to others in the EFT community who where also Christians. I found this to be extremely valuable.

To hear about their experiences and how it has strengthened their faith using this as a healing tool, or how tapping works along side their faith and prayer life was very powerful.

A book that gave me a solid perspective on the benefits of “EFT for Christians” is a book by Sherri Yates. In her book she shares:

  1. “God has ordained a way within our created bodies for us to allow our negative emotions to drain away, hopefully saving us from a litany of future ailments. This self-help tool is based on biblical truth, Jesus’ promises to us, and our affirmations of love and unwavering trust in God – everything we need to heal old wounds while becoming closer to God.” (p. 60)
  2. “Emotional Freedom Techniques is a part of the field of energy medicine and energy psychology, which is based on the foundation that good health relies on the proper energy flow throughout the body. Any major stressor can interrupt this flow creating an energy “block” that can lead to disease.” (p.61)
  3. “Tapping works best within the heart of a Jesus-following Christian. The healing process is quicker because we allow Holy Spirit to do much of the heavy lifting, so we Christians get the best of both worlds.” (p. 71)
  4. “The world is in desperate need of healing, and who better to heal than the Church! We take take EFT to higher heights than any of us ever expected it to go because Jesus said that is our job. In order for Christians to do that, we must have our own personal emotional houses in order, eliminating shame and other negative emotions. Tapping will accomplish that very thing via His process and sanctification.” (p. 72)

These encouraging words from Sherri Yates, helped me to get clear, and gave me a bigger picture and a larger vision. God gives us tools and abilities to help others an ourselves.

He is the Great Healer

I love thinking about how God is our everything. He is the answer to it all. God is called Jehovah Rapha which means, “The LORD Your Healer”.

He is the the one who created the talents that doctors use to work with patients, the incredible plants that have medicinal purposes, and the energy that connects us all. It is that energy that EFT taps into.

God Created Everything

I believe that God wants us to ask and believe in healing and health.

He gave us healthy foods. The ability to exercise. Powerful minds and self healing bodies.

Everyday it amazes the brilliance of God’s creation. How everything works so perfectly together, if we allow it. If we surrender to God, asking for His healing and guidance to what we need for the healing, the answers can come to us.

I believe that EFT, also known as tapping, was the answer to one of my many prayers for healing. Healing for myself, my family, and others.

How EFT Can Help with Healing?

I know it is essential for us to have medical doctors. I believe that counselors can be essential in many situations. Medication is a must in many situations especially when we are talking infection or life and death. I also am a firm believer that EFT is an incredible modality to help with emotional and physical healing.

Our brains are incredible machines that have control over so much of what our bodies do. There is an amazing connection between our brains and our bodies. Sherri Yates in “EFT for Christians” says, “We often need both doctors and tapping. Science seems to be showing us that tapping makes for “preventative medicine” and can be “pro-active” for our own health. EFT can be used in addition to modern medicine”.


What if you had the opportunity to change the way you live everyday?

  • Turn stress into calmness.
  • Turn pain into healing.
  • Turn confusion into clarity.

What if with God’s guidance and help you could use EFT to take care of yourself and live a more vibrant and peaceful life?

Have you asked God yet what His thoughts are?

There are a number of reasons I believe that EFT and tapping are one of God’s many gifts to healing. Just like a medical doctor, medicine, nature or the comfort from a friend, EFT is a tool that allows our amazing bodies that God created to heal, get clarity and release anxiety. Tapping can also help our brains to let go of lies we tell ourselves, release negative emotions about memories that keep us stuck, even us free from pain.

Just like prayer, be persistent, be consistent and believe in the miracles that God still offers us to this day. Tapping everyday is key!

Isn’t that what God encourages? Think big? Believe in miracles? Keep searching, keep asking?

I can’t wait to hear your story!


Coach Angela

Tapping Support