How to Release Stress & Anxiety with EFT

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Situations come up when stress and anxiety can stop us in our tracks, or at least slow us down. There is a simple way to release stress and anxiety with eft.

Stress and anxiety can happen:

  1. In an instant
  2. After focusing, “negative meditating”, on it over a period of time.

Either way, it isn’t helpful or healthy to our emotional well being.

Stress can appear in an instant. A challenging situation can occur, or something we didn’t expect to happen happens, and it can trigger us to feel upset, overwhelmed, unfocused and possibly at its worst, not functional.

I admit, when I am given tough news, or have to make a quick decision, the stress I feel because of pressure, causes me to be unfocused and lose clarity.

When we focus over a long period of time, solely on the issue and what is causing the stress and anxiety, we can lose sight of possible solutions. We may struggle to find peace while trying to find a solution. 

We don’t have to have a solution before feel we are at peace.

We can find peace even in the middle of frustration and turmoil. In some situations that are stressful, there are no solutions.

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With loss of any kind, it is the stress of having to face what was lost and the grief can be unbearable.

Loss can leave us feeling out of control and helpless. Loss can cause a roller coaster of emotions and, at times, be completely out of our control.

Praying is my first thought in these tough situations.

Praying for peace, grace, clarity, and understanding of the situation.

When I pray, many times, God reminds me that times of pain, stress and anxiety are to help me.


He tells me it is the times of pain, stress, and even anxiety that helps me to grow. Helps me to gain more understanding, gives me the ability to help others, helps me to let go and not control a situation, surrendering it to Him. Surrendering all to Him, the one who is truly in control of it all.

EFT is also calming and soothing during stressful and anxious times.


Some people live in a stressed state. It’s not just one event, it is a way of life. People have different reason for not letting go of that state. Maybe they don’t want to face what life is like without the stress. Maybe they don’t remember how it felt to not be stressed.

Tapping can give the relief they want and shift their perspective.

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Before you begin tapping, think about a situation where you feel extreme stress.

Get that picture in your mind of what happened, or what is happening in your life, and feel the feelings.

Rate your feelings on a scale of 0-10. 0 being it doesn’t bother you at all, 10 being absolutely unbearable.

For a refresher on EFT and tapping, here are the basics on how to tap, and read more about the emotional ratings for tapping here.

Download the “Release Stress” Tapping Script Here

“Release Stress Tapping Script”

Karate Chop:  (Set-up Statement)

  • Even though I feel overwhelmed and stressed, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I am not sure how I am going to handle this stress, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I know not everything lasts forever included stressful situations, I deeply love and accept myself who I am.



It is overwhelming the stress that I feel.

Side of Eye:

It is difficult to feel out of control about the situation.

Under Eye:

I don’t know how this is going to work out.

Under Nose:

Will the stress feel less and less unbearable.


Will the stress I feel an increase in pain in my body.

Collar Bone:

It would be better to release this.

Under arm:

I am holding onto something I have no control over.

Top of Head:

I can’t keep worrying about this situation, I need to release it.


Eye brow:

I want to let go of this stress and anxiety.

Side of Eye:

It’s not serving me, causing more harm than good.

Under Eye:

Releasing the stress will help me to feel relaxed and give me clarity.

Under nose:

If I am relaxed, I can function better and not feel paralyzed by the situation.


I give my control away when I hold onto negative thoughts and focus on the stress.

Collar Bone:

I am releasing the stress.

Under Arm:

I am releasing the worry about the unknown,

Top of head:

And I am allowing myself to know it will be ok, and this too shall pass.

Take a deep breath.

– Check your rating again. Where are you on the 0-10 scale?
– Think about the stressful situation you tapped on again. Has your anxiety or stress diminished?
– Are you at a 3 or higher? Consider doing another round.
– Keep doing rounds until you feel this isn’t an issue for you anymore or you can’t remember it being an issue at all. 


There are so many reasons why we experience stress.

  • Situations that arise when we least expect it.
  • Loss of a love or situation.
  • Things are out of control.
  • When we are living in the unknown.

Release stress and anxiety with EFT anytime, anywhere, just like praying. You don’t need to wait until you are alone or at home.

You can tap on your karate chop point or on your collar bone only, and skip the other points. You can also picture in your mind’s eye tapping on each point. Some have success picturing themselves tapping on each point without actually doing it.

Keep tapping. Find what works for you. You can’t really do this wrong, so be brave and know that tapping can change the repressive feelings of anxiety.

You don’t have to endure it. You can overcome it.

I believe in you.

Love – Coach Angela

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