Improve Your Mood Quickly by Tapping for Overwhelm

Use EFT to Overcome the Feeling of Overwhelm

That feeling of overwhelm. My body heats up and my head feels like it is spinning. I have a feeling of needing to rush, or come up with a quick solution.

I can confidently say that if I am trying to come up with a quick solution in this state, it’s probably not a good idea.

When I feel that rush, I have to turn to my simple solutions.

What is the feeling for you when you feel the overwhelm starting? Once you know and can identify how it feels in your body, you can try these simple solutions.

tapping for overwhelm
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simple solutions

  1. Deep breaths. Taking deep breaths and reassuring yourself it it will get worked out and will pass may give you the comfort you need until you can sort out the cause of the overwhelm.
  2. Let others know. If you are feeling overwhelmed and beginning to react to the situation, if you are with someone, consider being honest and telling them, “I’m overwhelmed at the moment, can you give me a minute.” This may save you from snapping at someone or saying something regretful.
  3. Tapping. (You knew this was coming). Use EFT to overcome overwhelm. Tapping gives you a quick interruption to the cycle of overwhelming feelings. It can deliver a speedy calmness so you can get clarity on what is causing the overwhelm for you.

Don’t wait to get relief, use EFT script below to tap away the overwhelm. You can also listen to the podcast episode above and following along with me.

First, measure the intensity of the issue/memory/feeling on a scale of 0-10. Then immerse yourself in the feeling of overwhelm as you tap. Ready?

“Overcome the feeling of overwhelm” TAPPING SCRIPT

Karate Chop:  (Set-up Statement)

  • Even though I feel like I just want to run away from the situation, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though this overwhelm feels paralyzing, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I get frustrated with myself because I get overwhelmed, I love and accept who I am right now.



This out of control feeling in my body.

Side of Eye:

I hate the way this makes me feel.

Under Eye:

It feels so out of control and I hate that feeling.

Under Nose:

So much stuff coming at me at once.


I am only one person and I can only do so much.

Collar Bone:

So frustrated with other people, don’t they seeing I am overwhelmed!

Under arm:

I need some space and time to regroup . . . but I don’t have time for that.

Top of Head:

Why do I get so overwhelmed?


Eye brow:

I feel like I should know better, knowing how to control my emotions.

Side of Eye:

But the feeling of overwhelm is so powerful it takes over my mind and body.

Under Eye:

I’m asking for calmness and clarity in this situation, and that my body will be at ease.

Under nose:

I can step back and look at all that is overwhelming me and get a new perspective.


I don’t have to control the situation and have it all worked out right now.

Collar Bone:

I don’t have to shoulder all that is involved in this situation, I can set boundaries.

Under Arm:

I can take deep breaths when I start to feel overwhelmed, and exhale the anxiety.

Top of head:

This overwhelm is not going to control me, I have time to work it all out, get it all done, find the right people to help, and feel confident about the outcome. I don’t need to feel overwhelmed anymore.

Take a deep breath.

  • Check your rating again. Where are you on the 0-10 scale?
  • If you aren’t at a 3 or below, do another round.
  • You can change up the wording, making even more personal to you.
  • Check your rating again.


Overwhelm can sneak up on us very quickly.

In an instant we can go from focused and calm, to our thoughts spinning and our stomach in a knot.

But we can turn this around quickly by tapping on overwhelm. The good news is we can tap wherever we are if we need relief quickly. I have tapped in my car, standing in a store, and on my karate chop point under a table. Tapping on just one spot can be effective too.

Don’t be afraid to help yourself in difficult situations and in the moment you feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry about what others think. You are taking care of yourself.

If anything, you are inspiring others.

Relief is around the corner from your overwhelm. Be consistent and keep tapping for your overwhelm!

Love – Coach Angela

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