What is Surrogate Tapping and How Can it Help?

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Surrogate tapping is a system of using EFT, the emotional freedom technique, on my own points to help someone else’s issues.

Just like prayer for someone’s well-being and issues, we can use tapping to benefit ourselves, as well as for someone else. Isn’t that amazing!

Tapping for someone sends the energy that is needed for the situation. Isn’t that what people are doing when they ask us to pray for something? An illness, a difficult situation, a major concern. We pray and we send out energy while talking with God. God gave us the ability to connect with others in many ways. Through Him and to each other.

So tapping for someone, like praying, is a very powerful tool. When I tap for someone else, I feel a calmness and peace.

Tapping for Others

When I tap for others, or surrogate tapping, I think about them. I imagine them. You can also tap in a mirror and imagine who you are tapping for, or look at a photo of them to help feel more connected to them.

Have you noticed this when you pray? Do you picture them in your mind?

I sure do. I see the person in my mind while praying, including what they are needing, and their emotions and their reactions to receiving what they need. I feel that gives me a deeper connection to understanding their needs. It helps me to stay focused.

When tapping, it is the same.

Tapping for someone else also can give me clarity with the situation. Especially if I am tapping and praying for a loved one. I can get clarity on any part I play in the situation, and that can be valuable and helpful information.

Tapping and praying for others on their behalf, for their needs, is an honor for me.

I have had incredible experiences myself and with clients while surrogate. You can do this too.

You can start simply by tapping on all your tapping points, talking about your loved one or whoever you want to tap or pray for. You can speak as if you are them, tapping for themselves, or you can tap as if you are sending them your love, healing energy, or clarity of a situation.

The more you practice, the easier it gets and makes sense. Just talk and tap, talk and tap.

This isn’t anything woo-woo. It’s another another way of reaching out and helping others.

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Here is an example EFT script for someone who is sick, but you can change wording to fit your loved ones (or anyone’s) situation:


Karate Chop:  (Set-up Statement)

  • Even though I feel sick and I am tired of not feeling well, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I wish I took better care of myself, and I don’t, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • Even though I don’t know when I will get better, I deeply and completely love and accept who I am right now.



I feel sick right now.

Side of Eye:

I am so frustrated that I am not getting better.

Under Eye:

I keep thinking that I am healing and improving.

Under Nose:

But I’m not feeling better and I don’t know why.


Even though I keep thinking I may improve, I’m not.

Collar Bone:

I’m wondering if I deserve this, feeling sick.

Under arm:

I don’t want to keep feeling this way.

Top of Head:

I’m ready to heal.


Eye brow:

I am allowing my body to heal, I don’t need to stay sick.

Side of Eye:

I don’t feel like myself and I’m ready for a change.

Under Eye:

I’m open to taking better care of myself, maybe even open to suggestions people have given me.

Under nose:

I don’t like being told what to do, but maybe they just care about me.


I’d love to feel better so I can do the things I want to do.

Collar Bone:

I feel like I am punishing myself. I’m tired of this feeling, I don’t understand it.

Under Arm:

I have people that care about me, I am open to getting help.

Top of head:

I’m looking forward to having a fresh start, feeling better, and being myself again.

Take a deep breath.

How did that feel tapping for someone else? Could you picture them in your mind? Doesn’t it feel amazing sending well wishes to someone you care for? It is a positive experience, helping both the person we are lifting up and ourselves. AMAZING!


One of the worst feeling I have is when I feel helpless. If someone is struggling, hurting or in great pain, it pains me when I can’t do something to make it better.

What I have found helpful is praying and tapping.

Maybe for you it’s just tapping. Taking the time to connect with the person in need, whether they are near or far, makes me feel good knowing I am sending my love and energy to them.

When I combine my faith and tapping, I am trusting that I am sending my love and energy knowing that God has it all taken care of. I am not responsible for the healing or making sure that everything works out perfectly for someone. But I can love them, support them, tap for their blocks, and believe for them, even if they are having a hard time believing in a solution for themselves.

You don’t have to tell people that you are tapping for them. Like prayer, we don’t necessarily need to tell them we are praying for them. Unless they asked you to pray for them and you know it would brighten their day to know you were praying for them, let them know. It does feel good to know when people do pray for us.

Surrogate tapping is such a gift. A gift for ourselves and a gift to help others. A real win-win situation. Practice it and find which way works best for you. You want to feel good doing it, not weird. What a special gift you are giving to others!


Coach Angela

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