What is tapping and EFT?

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EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, is also known as ‘tapping’.

It’s like psychological acupressure, or acupressure meets modern psychology, a very unique method, that has the potential to help with many emotional and physical issues.

It is believed that emotions, stress, and trauma are stuck energies in our bodies. Tapping on specific points on our body, meridian points, can help to get this negative energy “unstuck”.

One way I look at it is if I eat too much over time, my body holds onto what I have been feeding it, and if I am not burning it off, or managing it, it accumulates in my body. When I incur weight gain, I don’t feel good and I don’t feel like myself. This weight gain can change the way I live my life and how I operate in the world. It can change everything.

Same with negative thoughts and feelings. If I have a traumatizing event, exposed to highly stressful situations, or I run ongoing negative thoughts, my body and mind is getting filled and overwhelmed. My brain may respond in emotional ways, and our bodies can respond in physical ways like pain and illness because of the chemical changes that take place.

Our mind is an amazing piece of machinery! The mind has the power to do so much and that includes healing ourselves.

I know it may sound “woo-woo”, but I have experienced it first-hand.

In my book, “Conquer Your Clutter with Tapping“, I share how some experts explain trauma as a memory or emotions that gets stuck or trapped in our nervous system and in our minds.

Trauma and memories can leave an impression on our brain, like a stamp making an imprint on our mind. This makes sense because we all have memories in our past that pop-up for us when we find ourselves in certain situations.

Are you ready to learn more?

*I don’t recommend that one would ever substitute tapping (EFT) for medical advice or counseling.*


EFT offers great benefits including:

  • Non-evasive
  • Simple and easy, can’t do it “wrong”
  • Can learn it in a short period of time
  • Can do it any time and anywhere
  • It is a powerful tool that can have lasting effects
  • The side effects are almost always positive

EFT doesn’t heal or “cure” things.  However, it can relieve stress that is related to past memories, worrying, anxiety or negative thoughts.

Some have had physical benefits, like releasing pain, as well.


  • DON’T substitute your physician’s guidance with tapping – You can discuss with them how it can be used along with your current care.
  • DON’T substitute your counselor’s guidance with tapping – For serious issues like trauma, like PTSD, talk to your counselor about how this technique can be used along side with your care plan. (Vets and victims of horrible crimes have benefitted greatly from this process)
EFT tapping points


These photos will help you to better understand the points and how you use the ends of your fingers. You don’t need to tap hard to get results. My lovely daughter, whom I have taught tapping to, is demonstrating the pressure points.

Pressure points in order:

  • Karate Chop Point – (Set-up Statement) Tap on the soft side of hand
eft tapping points
  • Eyebrow – Can tap on one or both sides, near bridge of nose
eft tapping points
  • Side of Eye – On bone
eft tapping points
  • Under the Eye – On bone
eft tapping points
  • Under the Nose
eft tapping points
  • Chin – Right below lip
eft tapping points
  • Collarbone – At knobs of collarbone (bow tie area)
eft tapping points
  • Under the Arm – Four inches under arm
eft tapping points
  • Top of Head – Crown of head
eft tapping points

I personally like using two hands when tapping, but one works fine too!

I love how simple and flexible this can be! That assures us that this technique is something that we will have a better chance of making it a habit.

The good news is that these points don’t have to be perfectly pinpointed when tapping. Don’t be afraid you are going to “do it wrong”. I have watched people tapping all sorts of ways, even skipping points, and still getting results.


Set up statements are sentences that describe what your issue is.

Once you have pinpointed your issue, rate the emotional feeling you have on a scale of 0-10, using the SUDS Scale.

  • 0 being you have no reaction to the issue
  • 10 being the issue is extremely upsetting, maybe even paralyzing

Whether it is a problem you are facing, stress you are enduring, or pain you are experiencing, you can create a statement.


While tapping on karate chop point, (see photo above), repeat the statement below three times. You can change it to fit your language and needs.

“Even though I  (insert problem/issue), I love and accept myself anyways.”

An example is:

“Even though I feel anxious and stressed in this situation, I love and accept myself anyways.”

You can change the sentence wording to your liking if this example feels weird to say. The bottom line is, we are acknowledging what is going on and that we love ourselves no matter what.

Loving ourselves no matter what is the foundation to this journey. You may not believe it at the moment while you are tapping, but it helps to set the foundation.

We can make great progress and sustain it when we accept ourselves every step of the way!

Easier said than done sometimes I know, but we are all a work in progress.


Tap six to eight times on each point while staying focused on the problem. You can state the problem out loud or in your mind.

The sequence includes all the other points listed above, after the karate chop point. There are no set rules, but going through the sequence once or twice is a good start.

What’s cool is this process can be done anytime, anywhere!

Don’t feel you have to clear your schedule or find a secret place to tap.


Take a deep breath and check your emotional level on that scale of 0-10. How did your rating change? Repeat the sequence if any intensity remains or if other issues come to mind. It is possible that as you tap on one topic, other memories or issue may arise.

Be prepared to persist with the procedure until all aspects of the problem have been addressed. You may never get to 0. That’s ok. Lowering the intensity of an issue can make a big difference.

Forgetting that something happened isn’t necessary to have success. Having a shift in our thinking, releasing the stress, and in some cases new thoughts and solutions will arise. Awesome!

Keeping a journal is a great way to keep track of your thoughts, how they have progressed, and the new ones that surface as you tap.

You may uncover issues that have been triggering anxiety that you were not aware of before. Maybe you are in situations regularly in that cause you stress or you didn’t realize the effects certain relationships have on you.

Get excited to learn more about yourself and your journey to becoming emotional free . . . and learning about the connection to your reactions. Including your emotional and physical state.

what is eft


  • State the fear/memory/emotion you want to work on.
  • Try to identify the true reason behind the emotion or fear. Go back to the most recent memory when you had the issue or stress around it.
  • Create a target statement to solve the memory/fear using your own words and any physical reactions. How do you react/feel physically when you think of this issue?
  • Measure the intensity of the issue/memory/fear on a scale of 0-10.
  • Tap on the points to eliminate the issue/memory/fear.
  • Repeat as often as necessary.

Here is a video to help you understand how this is done, and we can tap along with each other.

You are not alone.

Get excited to uncover what is holding you back, and be ready to move forward to a healthier and happier you!

Keep tapping!

Coach Angela

Tapping Support